Royals Records

Royals Records, (aka The Royals) is an Electro/Hip Hop/Rock record label and collective based in Orange County, California. The Royals is a collaboration label that brings all walks of life and creative ideas together to produce the next era of music. Founded in late 2011, The Royals houses a variety of different artists varying in style and genre. The main members include producer/songwriters The Orphans themselves under their monikers DeLorian and GoodCat. Rapper/producer/graphic artist REBEL, producer/engineer GUNN and visual artist Elmunstro.


James Wright AKA Gunn, has been deeply involved with music since the age of 8. Classically trained on piano and trumpet, he wrote his first piano score at age 11 and was playing trumpet at a local church.

After entering high school Gunn discovered a new type of music, metal, and took up playing the bass guitar in a local band known as Last Revelation. This gave Gunn a more intense and energized view of the music scene and coupled with his classical roots, provides the basis for his hard hitting, technical songs.


Music produced by Gunn only comes to your ears when he gets lost in the world of sound and he refuses to put a track out if he is not personally moved by it.

While continuously learning more and more about music everyday, his true passion only comes from sharing his talent with those around him.  His signature style of music, nicknamed Aquastep, is a combination of his passion, intensity, and overall interesting interpretation on how a song should be an experience for you, the listener, not just another sound.


  • Ableton Suite version 8.2
  • Presonus Audiobox
  • M-Audio Keyrig 49
  • Monome 64
  • Komplete 8
  • KRK Rokit 6 G2  Monitors
  • Custom Built PC Running Windows XP
  • Currently building a custom midi controller